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Helping you with the Trial Verification

Report Details

The report (see example below) will provide you with a verification tool that shows by state, county, zip, city and invoice the Rate used (current valid rate from STC) and the over collection (in BLUE) and under collection (in RED) in the verification column. Exempt invoices are marked in green (date and invoice number) with an error in the tax column in cases where taxes have been collected.

The verification report is based on the invoice journal that you upload and uses tax rates from the service and your selection in the tax configuration to determine sales tax liabilities. For states with a NEXUS taxes should be collected, for states without NEXUS, taxes should not have been collected. Mismatches in rates, exempt flags and/or NEXUS configuration will be flagged accordingly.

In addition, there is a feedback icon so that you can let us know how to improve this report to make it even more useful for you over time.

If you are satisfied with the results from the verification you can continue to the Tax Filing Report. The tax filing report summarizes tax liabilities by state, county, zipcode and city and makes it easy to file your sales tax return. Please see the Tax Filing Report section for details.

Step 1: Upload the invoice journal:

Step 2: Setup your Nexus configuration -- see other help page for details.

Step 3: Verify the Invoice Journal:

The above report shows red/blue and green invoices and details. Blue is related to over collection, red to under collection and errors, green represents correct invoices. The report also shows states with a NEXUS in blue - if you have collected taxes for a state that does not have a NEXUS configured, the balance is shown in blue (over collected), the tax amount is red (error) and you can either make sure that the invoice/payment is correct in the journal or you can configure a NEXUS. The tax rate shows either a percentage or NoNxS for No NEXUS or InvEx for exempt Invoices.